Green ideas and action

A green transformation of society is a challenge that requires a lot of creativity and drive. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases significantly, replace toxic chemicals with non-toxic methods and keep house with nutrients and resources. We need good ideas and action at all levels.

Envice offers help to realize your green ideas, e.g.

  • Development of your idea
  • Project description
  • Fundraising
  • Performing analyses
  • Political/strategically efforts
  • Communications and debate
  • Project management

Please contact me if you have ideas you want to discuss.

Envice’s vision is to contribute to a green transition of society, minds and activities – local and globally. I want to develop and realize projects in cooperation with organizations, enterprises and private persons.
Envice offers help to fundraising, development of ideas, analyses, communication and realization of projects and activities. Some examples:

  • Promotion of knowledge and actions in environmental, energy and climate change tasks
  • Resource efficiency and sustainable use of materials
  • Green transition within production, consumption and lifestyle
  • Fair distribution, fair trade and fair work conditions – as prerequisite for a sustainable development globally
  • A critical approach to growth – and interest to explore new ways of creating welfare and quality for people and nature


  • Organic agriculture is gaining ground in India, where pesticides are a bitter part of the history with pollution and human tragedy’s. This articles, published in ‘Global Økologi’ in may 2018, gives a look into tree organic farms in the south-indian state Telangana. Download>>
  • Get-to Green – a courageous self-help group in Nairobi, an article about the positive work to organize for a better life under difficult circumstances in the slums of Nairobi. The article is included in the textbook “Modige frontkæmpere i det globale Syd” which is written in Danish.
    Download >>
  • Environment and Health Pay the Price for Glittering Gold in Tanzania, an article about the problems for people and environment linked to small scale goldmining, published in Global Økologi December 2014.
  • A glance of the enthusiastic development of the organic sector in Nigeria, about the development in the organic sector in Nigeria. The article is published in ICROFS News no. 4 2010.
    Download >>
  • Healthy food for a sick planet, how can we reduce emissions of greenhouse gases caused by agriculture and food consumption? Educational textbook and a video for high school level. February 2009.
    Download >>

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